Friendly and enthusiastic teacher teaching a class at Australian Christian College

Trainee Principals

Trainee Principals

We believe it's vital to invest in the next generation of Christian leadership. Too many high quality teachers get leadership opportunities well into their 40s and 50s. Further to this, being a Head of Department/School does not necessarily prepare teachers for the breadth of stakeholders and complexity that comes as Principal. To answer this challenge we have started a Trainee Principals program. This gives younger, capable teachers the opportunity to;

  • be trained specifically in leadership
  • to sit on boards
  • to learn from key mentors

It is a challenging role, but one that is incredibly useful. Participants can know that if they ever take on a Principalship, they will do so being well prepared. From CEMs point of view, we are developing skills in leaders that any School or Church would be blessed by.

mature white male trainee principal wearing glasses sitting at table holding notes