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New & Emerging
Principals Program

Bridging the Leadership Gap

We recognise the importance of nurturing the next generation of Christian leaders. Currently, many highly qualified educators only receive leadership opportunities later in their careers. Additionally, roles such as Head of Department often fail to fully equip emerging school leaders for the extensive range of stakeholders and the complexities they will face as a Principal.

In response, we run the New & Emerging Principals Program. This initiative is designed to empower younger, talented educators by offering them the chance to:

  • Receive targeted leadership training;
  • Gain experience on boards; and
  • Learn from experienced mentors.

The program is demanding, yet it provides invaluable preparation for those aspiring to take on a Principal role. Participants can be confident that they will be well-prepared for leadership in Christian Education.

For further information or to ask questions, please email [email protected] in the first instance.