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CEM Teaching Internships

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Distinguished from traditional tertiary pathways, our Teacher Internship Program prioritizes hands-on experience along with theoretical coursework. This unique approach immerses aspiring Christian educators in real classrooms, fostering adaptability and innovation. Join us for an unparalleled opportunity to shape your Christian teaching journey.

Our Teacher Internship Program allows intern teachers to earn as they learn during the final year of their tertiary qualification in a school setting. As a teacher you hold the gift of opening the hearts and minds of young people. At Christian Education Ministries we believe our role as teachers is to help each student to succeed in whatever God wants them to do.

What You Need to Know

  • You’re supported by an experienced mentor teacher.
  • You’re inducted into the culture and community of one of our schools
  • You’ll receive practical training equipping you with teacher-led instruction, strong classroom management skills and teaching redemptively.
  • You’ll transition from Teaching Assistant to Teacher upon graduation

Support for Trainee Teachers

Intern teachers will be supported on their learning journey by:

CEM Teacher Training School Manager

The CEM Teacher Training School Manager liaises with the school to ensure your pathway into the internship program is comprehensive and supportive.

The CEM Teacher Training School, School Coordinator

The CEM Teacher Training School, School Coordinator will partner with your mentor teacher to facilitate a personalised internship.

CEM Mentor Teacher

Mentor teachers are experienced and excellent practitioners who teach redemptively. The purpose of CEM's Mentor Teachers is to guide interns in their development as distinctly Christian teachers.

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Teacher Internship Program

Entry into the Teacher Internship Program is through a limited number of placements offered each year and includes:

  • A Teaching Assistant position at a CEM school (1 day per week).
  • The intention of ongoing employment as a teacher at a CEM School on successful completion of the undergraduate course.
  • Weekly participation in the CEM Good to Great program
intern teacher with focused expression sitting at table listening intently to group of students

Internship Application Process

The selection process for applicants involves:

  1. Completion of the application form.
  2. Meeting with the CEM Teacher Training School Manger.
  3. Confirming university transcripts and evidence that you are entering your final year of study
  4. Receiving notification of internship acceptance.

Applicants who progress through the selection process will be granted a teacher internship. At this point they will have the opportunity to visit their potential placement school and meet with the Principal.

For further information or to ask questions, please contact Anna Plant at [email protected].

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